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Everything we do at our company is cited below:

  • Software and Service for touch panels are carefully planned, developed, manufactured and maintained by us.
  • Precision equipment, device displaces, cash registers, keyboards for personal computers are also developed, manufactured and sold by us.
  • Information and communication equipment are developed, manufactured, sold and taken up for maintenance, if asked by customers.
  • Membrane switches and seat switches are designed, manufactured and sold.
  • Different interfaces are designed and manufactured.
  • Homepages for websites are created and maintained.


It is all because of the following reasons that our customers prefer allying with us:

  • In-house production system: From designing to development and manufacturing to quality-checking, everything is done in-house backed by our integrated system.
  • Optimal proposal power: We have gained the ability to quickly respond to the requirements of our customers with 5000 different types of products.
  • Reliable technical capabilities: Upgrading our facilities with latest technology enables us to suffice all requirements of our customers and stay afloat as a reliable technical company.
  • Abundant product group: We have the ability of making comprehensive proposals for all the products we deal in, including Circuit Board and Carbon Paste.
  • Reliable quality system: Our quality analysts keep a vigilant eye over all the processes, thereby, ensuring everything remains under control.

Management Philosophy

Our management believes in taking on challenges and overcoming them as this ensures growth of our business, people and business partners. We continue to grow together in this way with community though a sense of adaptation and no fear of change. With our aim to be a business that the society needs, we look forward to creating an example as there is none. 

Points to Notice

Apart from becoming official partner of Shinshu Brave Warriors and renewing home page of our website, another point of our achievement which is worth noticing is: 

  • We have developed a website TAKE OUT NAGANO that is used for providing menu information to the users.

Environmental Initiatives


As a manufacturer of Carbon Paste and Circuit Board, we have been supporting the local communities through our work. Recognizing the importance of conservation of global biodiversity and environment, we aim to offer them aforesaid products that are highly convenient to use. We look forward to developing input devices that do not harm environment and render due consideration to the environment in almost every aspect.

Action Guidelines

In the business line of electronic component manufacturers, we continue to make optimum use of all the energy resources available to us including gas, water and electricity. Apart from this, we also aim to minimize the waste generated at each stage via the following:

  • By taking into consideration the environmental problems, we strive to control the environmental pollution.
  • By complying with all the environmental rules and regulations and endeavor towards enhancing the environmental standards.
  • In order to attain all these, we aim to formulate certain environmental goals and take up necessary actions that benefit our employees and all the people of our society.


Operating in a competitive business line like ours is not easy. Continuous hard work and unwavering dedication is all that has enabled us to stand strong through all these years of our business voyage. Throughout our journey, we have achieved many milestones as tabulated below:


Milestones Achieved


The foundation of our company was laid in Shinonoishiozaki, Nagano City.


Began designing printed circuit board patterns and the production of surface sheets.


Nintendo Switches were produced and mounted on printed circuit boards.


Production of keyboards for personal computers.


Customized keyboards were also manufactured.


Chip parts were now mounted on membrane sheets and we shifted to small-lot and high mix production system.


Developed standard interface boards that comply with RS232C and DOSV.


Continue strengthening in-house integrated production system by outfitting 3D CAD and other drawing machines.


Training Timer were developed and sold for the purpose of swimming.


Accredited with ISO 9001 certification and developed programmable keyboards.


Established sales office in Tokyo and a guide system named Hoteguru was developed for Hotel recommendations.


Manufactured Oil resistant membranes.


Manufactured Hands Only Timer for medical experts and produced illuminated keyboards, as well.


Sold touch panel for peripherals and personal computers.


Developed and sold 96 key type programmable keyboard.


  • Developed and sold 48 key type programmable keyboard.
  • Developed transmission and receiving system for smartphones.


Developed electrostatic touch sensor, thin 7-segment LED and Bluetooth keyboard.


Operations of Hoteguru Menu were started.


  • Sold device displays, operation of Tabinet Shinshu began in Nagano Prefecture, managed exPOS which is a cash register system for shops.
  • Began managing cloud attendance management system, known by the name Work in Time.


  • Food ordering and delivery site Maishoku was launched.
  • Development and production of in-vehicle actuators and printing resistors also began.


  • Medical Information Infrastructure Co. Ltd. was made for handling hospital signages.
  • Liveness Co. Ltd. was set up for handling corporate portals.
  • Established Oiseek Co. Ltd. to well-operate food system services.
  • City Scanner Co. Ltd. was founded to manage hospital home pages and reservation systems.

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